World Quality Day – History And Significance

Let’s look at why World Quality Day is celebrated.

Every second Thursday of November is celebrated as World Quality Day. This special day was created by the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) and recognized by the United Nations. The speciality of this day is that it is celebrated to promote quality management. Many organizations of various industries take part in celebrating this day.

It is essential that everybody pauses and takes out a day of their life to look into the quality of work or service. Quality is an important concept in everything we do and it should not be eliminated. This day has been created to draw people’s attention towards all aspects of business with respect to quality.

Some countries like Japan and China, observe the whole November month as ‘Quality Month’. Each company or business can have its own definition of quality. It is not necessary that quality means the same for every business. Quality need not be only for tangible goods. In the case of services, the course of action, service delivery, etc. are all modes of delivering quality.

In the long run, quality is what keeps a business alive. Maintaining quality improves the customer satisfaction and the reputation of the company. If a company is selling a certain beauty product, the customers will firstly focus on its quality. It is vital that businesses meet basic standards set in their particular industry and if possible exceed the standards all together.

Each year, the Chartered Quality Institute has a theme for World Quality Day. The theme for 2020 is ‘Creating Customer Value’. What does this theme actually mean? It means that organizations should prioritize their customers over anything else. With the fast-changing economy, the customer needs also keep changing. Staying on track with those changes as well as maintaining the quality is one tricky task.

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