Wolf Van Halen pays tribute to late father Eddie

Wolf wrote an emotional song for Eddie Van Halen who died on October 6 due to throat cancer

Washington [US]: Bassist for the band Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen dropped his first-ever solo song ‘Distance’ as an ode to late father Eddie Van Halen on Monday (local time).

According to Fox News, Wolfgang wrote the song while Eddie was battling cancer and in a statement on YouTube revealed, “As my pop continued to struggle with various health issues, I was imagining what my life would be like without him and how terribly I’d miss him.” Junior Halen recorded the song, ‘Distance’ under the name Mammoth WVH, to commemorate his father’s band, Van Halen, as it was originally called Mammoth.

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In a statement, reported by Fox News, Wolfgang said, “While the song is incredibly personal, I think anyone can relate to the idea of having a profound loss in their life. I never intended ‘Distance’ to be the very first piece of music people would hear from me, but I also thought my father would be here to celebrate its release. This is for him. I love and miss you, Pop.”

Eddie Van Halen died on October 6 at 65 years old after battling throat cancer.

The late musician was a guitar virtuoso, whose blinding speed, control, and innovation propelled his band, Van Halen, into one of hard rock’s biggest groups, fueled the unmistakable fiery solo on Michael Jackson’s hit ‘Beat It’ and elevated him to the status of a rock God, according to Fox news.

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The lyrics of the song describe the love of a father and son. “No matter what the distance is, I will be with you,” Wolfgang Van Halen sings to his dad in ‘Distance’, featuring flashback memories through family’s old pictures.
The official page of Mammoth WVH informed that all the monetary proceeds from ‘Distance’ will go to Eddie Van Halen’s favourite charity, Mr Holland’s Opus Foundation, which donates instruments to underfunded school music programs.

The video ends with a heartfelt voice note from the late rocker to his son: “I’m just so happy to have you as my son, man. I’m so proud of you. I love you so much. Call me if you get a chance. I just want to hear your voice.” 

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