William Friedkin refused rumors of ‘Exorcist’ remake

Putting an end to speculations around the remake of the horror classic ‘The Exorcist’, filmmaker William Friedkin recently revealed that he is not attached to any such remake.

According to Fox News, after rumors circulated that Morgan Creek Entertainment was developing a reboot of the movie set for a 2021 release, Friedkin took to Twitter to shut down fans’ hopes of a revival. “There’s a rumor on IMDB that I’m involved with a new version Of The Exorcist. This isn’t a rumor, it’s a flat-out lie. There’s not enough money or motivation in the world To get me to do this,” he tweeted.

William Friedkin had helmed the 1973 horror classic which revolved around a young girl possessed by a demon which leads to Catholic priests performing an exorcism to save her life.

After the superhit horror’s release, it was followed by four sequels but Friedkin was not associated with any of these.
According to Fox News, The original film earned ten Academy Award nominations and won for best-adapted screenplay and best sound mixing.

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