January 15th: Wikipedia Day – Significance and Date

Today is the birthday of one of the most enthusiastic Websites. Hence, every year this day is observed as Wikipedia Day.

One of the go-to places for information or data regarding anything on earth is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites of all time. People go to Wikipedia for information about anything and everything. It is one of the most loved websites and is popular too. It is the first website to pop-up when a google search is done. On 15th January every year, Wikipedia Day is celebrated.

Significance of Wikipedia Day

Wikipedia was established on 15th January 2001, hence Wikipedia day is celebrated on its birthday. Every year, fans organize parties in their own communities to cut the cake and talk about Wiki. Generally, the editors of Wiki share their past year experience with others on this day. There is Wikipedia training as well for beginners which is discussed today. 

January 15th: Wikipedia Day - Significance and Date - Trendy

Wikipedia is the most popular community for free media which Creative Commons promotes. Coincidently, on the same day, Creative Commons also registered its website. Hence, people also celebrate the birthday of Creative Commons as it developed the free and open copyright system that Wikipedia uses.

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