We are proud Indians is what 83 teaser tries to tell us on 26/11

One of the most hyped movies of 2021, 83 releases its teaser that shows our proud Indian unity than divisive comments on 26/11

India is a land of many religions and languages, which taught ‘unity in diversity’ to the world. It is undeniable that there aren’t any differences or tension, but all citizens calls themselves Indians first while introducing themselves.

This is what the newly released teaser of 83 has tried to tell us. Unlike the social media irksome trends about the attack on 26/11 like ‘Hindu terror,’ the teaser subconsciously reminded us about the cries and shouts of joy after India lifted their first cricket world cup.

83 Teaser

The makers of Ranveer Singh starrer 83 that narrates the story of cricketer Kapil Dev released the teaser today. A minute-long black and white teaser gives us a glimpse of the edge-off-the-seat match. It shows the match-winning ball where Madan Lal bowled to Vivian Richards and Kapil Dev took the catch – the moment that every Indian still cherishes. 

The much-awaited trailer of the Ranveer Singh starrer will release on November 30. It chronicles the journey of the Indian cricket team as they won their first World Cup in England. 83 was initially scheduled to release on April 2020, but Covid postponed the release. Film buffs had earlier speculated about the OTT release of the movie, but the makers held off its release on a streaming platform.

Ranveer Singh plays the role of the Indian captain Kapil Dev in the movie. 83 also casts Saqib Saleem, Harrdy Sandhu, Ammy Virk, Pankaj Tripathi, Jatin Sarna, Sahil Khattar, Deepika Padukone and others.

The trend of Hindu terror

Thirteen years ago, 10 Lakshar-e-Taiba-trained jihadists had attacked the prominent location of Mumbai on this date, one of the most heinous jihadi attacks ever perpetrated against us in modern times. While the Indian military forces eliminated nine terrorists in four-day-long combat, the lone surviving terrorist, Ajmal Kasab was apprehended alive and sentenced to death in Pune in 2012.

But according to the confidential memo written by the then US Ambassador to India, David Mulford to the State Department in December 2008, the Congress party had devised a plan to gain sympathy from the Indian Muslim community for the upcoming national elections. “What’s more, even after its recent emboldening state election victory, the party made the cynical political calculation to lend credence to the conspiracy,” Mulford states.

Thus, this gave birth to the term Hindu terror in the context of the attack, which claimed hundreds of lives. The term was further bolstered in the book written by former Mumbai Police Commissioner, Rakesh Maria titled “Let me say it now”.

According to Maria, LeT had sought to portray the 26/11 terror attack as an instance of “Hindu Terror”. “If everything had gone according to the plan, he [Kasab] would have died wearing a scarlet ribbon around his wrist like a Hindu. We would have discovered an identity card with a false name on his person: Samir Dinesh Chaudhari, student of Arunodaya Degree and P.G. College, Vedre Complex, Dilkhushnagar, Hyderabad, 500060, resident of 254, Teachers’ Colony, Nagarabhavi, Bengaluru, 500060,” he writes in his book.

According to RVS Mani, a former Indian government administrator, “Congress and ISI are behind the 26/11 Mumbai terror assault.”

26/11 terrorist Ajmal Kasab was given the name ‘Sameer Chaudhury’ with a kalawa tied around his wrist.

If Kasab hadn’t been caught alive by Tukaram Omble, 26/11 would’ve been called ‘Hindu Terror’#MumbaiTerrorAttacks pic.twitter.com/a741DsioMN

— Ashoke Pandit (@ashokepandit) November 26, 2021

The divisive trend

Surprisingly, it has become a trend in social media to highlight and popularize divisive trends during the days of national commemoration. Recently on Gandhi’s birthday, #HailNathuramGodse was trending. It is disrespectful towards Gandhi, who is considered as the Father of the Nation. Keeping his motive behind killing Gandhi aside, we cannot endorse his actions as heroic. According to Indian law, he had committed a crime for which he was punished.

It is accepted that the extent of punishment is debatable, but to make him trend on social media creates a blind folder for Indian youth who mostly follow news on Twitter and WhatsApp.

The same thing is repeated today. The trend of “Hindu Terror” and slamming a party does not lessen the pain of people who lost their dear ones in the attack. More than 100 families are waiting to close the chapter and end the trial in Pakistan court. No one is talking about that on social media.

It is non-negotiable that social media is somewhat rightly accused of trending divisive and hateful trends for certain gains. Therefore, before blindly tweeting the trend, the users should at least think once about their posts or tweet.

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