UP film city project is an extension of Mumbai’s film city

Bollywood actor Shekhar Suman on Sunday expressed his views on the making of the city for filmmakers in Uttar Pradesh

 Bollywood actor Shekhar Suman on Sunday expressed his views on the making of the city for filmmakers in Uttar Pradesh and asserted that the “film city in Uttar Pradesh is an extension of Mumbai’s film city.”

The actor has also met UP Minister Sidharth Nath Singh and proposed a film academy that will be focused on the correct pronunciation of different languages, which are efficiently used by actors in the industry. “The film industry and people in Bombay have congratulated and sent greetings to Yogi Adityanath for initiating such a project and this talk was going for so many days in UP and Bihar. The good thing is that now we are working towards the direction of its making, which is a matter of happiness for all the industries, as all the film industry people, whether it be in UP, Bihar, Mumbai or Kolkata, are a part of the same industry,” he said.

The actor also called on a comprehensive effort to get all the industries together.

Suman further said that “there was a need for a relevant studio where all the movie-related things should be available. I also had a thought about an academy and I feel that for every actor, the most important form of communication is language and I have observed that somewhere or the other, the level of languages is declining, be it English, Hindi, or Urdu and the importance of using a pure form of language was lacking for some time.”

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“That’s the reason why an actor says some words in the wrong pronunciation, which is not good and some of the people don’t even know if something is being pronounced wrongly, but one, who has an eye for diction will come to know,” he added.

“Senior actors like Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan have worked on their pronunciation a lot, it is one of my wishes that an academy should be there which focuses on language, especially pronunciation. It should be almost like a finishing school which should give the teachings of correct pronunciation and correct diction that is very essential especially for an actor – and I would like to be associated with a related project. It is just the beginning and I wish to meet the CM and will see how it goes.”

As there were parallels drawn between Mumbai and Hyderabad’s Ramoji film city, when it was in the making, the 58-year-old actor was asked how he looks at the comparisons between UP’s film city in the making and an already established film city in Mumbai.

Responding to the same, the ‘Professor Ki Padosan’ actor said, “UP’s film city project is an extension of the Bombay film industry, and it will create a bond in between the film industries and it’s not that people from Mumbai’s film industry will be established there. Mumbai’s film industry’s actors will remain here, as this place has been the hub of cinemas.”

“As the saying goes, ‘the more the merrier’. It will be good if these film cities are in great numbers, it will be better for people and to shoot films. People were called here to shoot the films, but the place is for the ‘rich’ and things are costly here. If these artists are working in a state subsidy of a studio, that will generate a good effect on their budgets. If a budget receives a positive impact, the difference between its profit and loss is quite low when the film reaches the market.”

The matter of a film city in UP has been in talks for the last three months, and the work related to this project is also in progress.

When asked about how long will the film city project take, Suman, said, “I am not aware at what pace it is going, however, the pace at which I have seen the advertisements, debates on TV and the discussions over it, I feel the project will continue at its own pace and it will surely be completed in the proposed time.”

Earlier this week, the UP government led by Chief Minister Adityanath held discussions with producers, directors, actors, and other experts related to the film industry regarding the proposed world-class film city in the state.

The UP government has said that 1,000 acres of land for the film city project has been identified in Gautam Buddh Nagar district by Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) where the Infotainment Zone will be set up with all world-class civil, public, and technological facilities.

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