National Wreaths Across America Day, 2020 – Significance

National Wreaths Across America Day is an opportunity for the people to thank those soles who made life easy for them

Veterans are a major part of every country’s well being. They are the people who laid down their lives for the country. They always had and will continue to have a special place in our hearts. It is important to remember them and pay tribute to them every possible chance we get. A Saturday in December is designated as the National Wreaths Across America Day by Congress. This is one of the days where the Veterans are remembered and honoured. 


National Wreaths Across America Day is a movement to cover all the grave markers of veterans with a Christmas wreath. This year, the date for this day is 19th December 2020. The day changes annually according to the year and is finalized by Congress. The mission of this day is to teach, remember, and honour. This means, “Remember fallen U.S. veterans; honor those who serve; and teach your children the value of freedom.” 

National Wreaths Across America Day, 2020 - Significance - Trendy Bash

Celebrations of National Wreath Across America Day

This day is celebrated across the United States by volunteers. These volunteers come together and lay wreaths on the gravesites of the military. Wreath-laying ceremonies are held at Arlington National Cemetery and other veterans’ cemeteries around the country. You can join some volunteer groups to contribute to this day. Educating ourselves and the people around us about the sacrifice of Veterans is also important. 

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