Real bats take over cinema hall amidst ‘The Batman’ screening

The Batman screening in a US cinema encounters real bats flying around.

Post-Covid 19 restrictions the theatres in the US woke up to something spectacular. And that was the release of the much awaited Matt Reeves movie, The Batman. The Robert Pattinson starrer, where he plays the title role, opened in theatres after the long lull.

It was also Warner Bros. major release in a situation post the pandemic and every one at the production house have been enjoying the big relief The Batman has ushered in with its superlative opening at the box office.

Meanwhile, at a cinema in the US, The Batman screening was punctuated by a strange happening. Even as the film was running on screen, a fan who sneaked in bats into the theatre, let them fly across the theatre much to the surprise of all those who had been watching the movie.

The Batman sequence turns real

It was like a film sequence turned real all of a sudden. A video that is currently going viral on social media platform Twitter has bats flying inside the theatre even as the film is played. The video shot by a person in the audience shows real bats flying overhead. The vide brings in the scare element with the fluttering sound of bat wings.

The audience didn’t take much time to realise it wasn’t the awesome job by the special effects crew of the film. The bats were real. The video has by now crossed one million views, and it shows the movie being paused after a while due to the hassles created by the flying bats. The Twitter handle that posted the video with bats flying in the dark, has been captioned: “I’m at The Batman movie, and there are bats at the movie.” It isn’t clear whether the film show went on or the hall had to be cleared of bats before resumption of the movie.

I’m at the Batman movie and there are real bats in the theater…. #Imcooloffthat

— J (@Jeremiah24_) March 5, 2022

Pattinson-starrer garners much love

The latest iteration of The Batman has anyway turned out to be a hit, with such pranks also garnering some audience. The film grossed around $128 million, and has become one of the most watched Batman movies ever on opening day. Though there have been reservations against Pattinson being cast as the caped hero, a role perfected by the likes of Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck and others, this edition has come up trumps.

The Batman has also been released in 74 global regions, and has garnered an additional $120 million. The UK pocketed $18.4 million, Mexico brought in $12 million, and Australia $9.2 million.

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