Rapper Soulja Boy accused of domestic abuse by former partner

The rapper Soulja Boy has a lengthy criminal record and as per reports, he has been arrested more than once for possessing a firearm

American rapper Soulja Boy is reportedly facing new sexual battery and domestic abuse allegations from a woman he allegedly used to date.

According to Fox News, the woman known as Jane Doe claims she had a long-term romantic relationship with Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, and during that time he sexually and physically abused her. As per the documents obtained by Fox News, Doe filed a new civil lawsuit on Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court.
In the documents, she claimed that the 30-year-old musician, “threatened her life and engaged in other forms of domestic violence during and after they lived together.”

One time, Doe alleged the abuse was so severe that she miscarried and “sustained permanent damage to her reproductive organs.”

She claimed that sex was often nonconsensual and if she refused, Soulja Boy would allegedly resort to physical acts of violence. One time, Doe alleged that the rapper pointed a gun at when she talked about him being unfaithful.

Doe said that she and her daughter would allegedly see many other women enter and leave the shared home. Then, when she raised concern, Way threw her out.

“Our client is fortunate she was able to escape Way’s reign of terror and domestic abuse,” her lawyer Neama Rahmani, president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, said in a statement obtained by Fox News.

“Still, she struggles to rebuild her life as she deals with the stress, fear and humiliation she continues to suffer from the years she remained Way’s emotional and mental captive. She worries about her daughter’s security and safety and about her ability to re-establish her career. How many women’s lives will Way ravage before he is held accountable? We plan for it to end here,” the statement concluded.

The rapper has a lengthy criminal record and as per reports, he has been arrested more than once for possessing a firearm. TMZ also reported that the rapper was arrested in early 2020 for assaulting an ex-girlfriend.

The ex reported the assault to the police, who reportedly found him in violation of probation after raiding his home and finding guns.

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