Post-83, cricket-themed flicks set to charm Bollywood fans

‘Mr and Mrs Mahi’, starring Janvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao is the latest in Bollywood’s cricket menu.

Cricket is the flavour of the season in Bollywood. Going by the number of cricket-themed flicks that are being made, it looks like producers in Bollywood are eyeing some good revenue by lining up cricket themes for the new ventures.

The latest that has hopped on to news space is a film that has been titled ‘Mr and Mrs Mahi’. Featuring Janvi Kapoor and her ‘Roohi’ co-star Rajkummar Rao, the film looks like it could be along the lines of the true life of a popular cricket star.

Janvi Kapoor has already begun training at a cricket camp in preparation for her role. Going by her Instagram account, her latest post gives us the idea that she is practicing cricket seriously so as to get into the skin of the character she is supposed to play.

Janvi Kapoor drops hints of cricket role

Janvi’s post with a picture that has her donning a cricket helmet has all in it to evoke good amount of anticipation about the upcoming flick. She has also shared posts that has interacting with senior Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik and in the nets.

Janvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao will play Mahendra and Mahima in ‘Mr and Mrs Mahi’, directed by Sharan Sharma. Janvi’s 2020 debut film Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl’ had brought to her a legion of fans, and they will now be looking forward to see their favourite star playing a cricketer.

Cricket flicks have already seen an uptrend in Bollywood, with 83 having won rave reviews. The film by Kabir Khan was on India’s first ever cricket World Cup win and the man who led the nation to glory – Kapil Dev.

Bollywood and its love for cricket

Ranveer Singh who played Kapil Dev had brought to the screen an astounding performance, making 83 his best ever film till date.  Alongside, Bollywood’s cricket fans were in for yet another flick on the game , and it had popular actor Shahid Kapoor in the lead.

The film, Jersey, narrates the tale of a former cricketer who returns to the game for his son’s wish of a jersey. Earlier, biopics on the lives of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Mohammed Azharuddin had come out from the Bollywood stables.

Mr and Mrs Mahi looks like a good bet for Bollywood, as fans are already thrilled with more cricket themed flicks being announced after 1983. It however remains to be seen how well these films would entertain the film buffs in the country.

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