November 23rd: National Cashew Day (United States of America)

Cashews are a popular nut and also provide excellent sources of antioxidants and minerals

In the United States, 23rd November of each year is observed as National Cashew Day. Cashew is a popular party snack and nut in the States. Today is a day to celebrate the most delighted snack or nut. It comes in many ways like salted, sugar-coated, plain, mixed with other nuts, cashew spreads, cashew butter, etc. The cashew nut is harvested from the cashew tree which originated from Northeastern Brazil. It is typically grown in many tropical regions like India and Africa.

A fun and unknown fact about cashew trees are that it can get really big with time. The world’s largest cashew tree is found in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, which covers more than 81,000 square feet. This tree is 70 times bigger than a normal tree. The leaves of the tree are usually arranged spirally and have a leathery texture. The trunk of the tree is oddly shaped and it can grow as tall as 32 feet. Some parts of the tree also have medicinal values.

Image Source: Digpu

This day can be celebrated by simply eating the nut. Some people also like to use cashews in their food. There are people who cook the cashew fruit as well as the nut into tasty dishes. The celebration of this day completely depends on you. You can cook something and party with your friends or just take a handful of cashews along on your way to work.

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