November 21st: World Television Day

World Television Day stands as a reminder of the power of visual media and it helps in shaping public opinion and influencing world politics

Television is a Primary Source of Communication:

Over the years, television has become an essential part of our lives. Now, almost everybody owns television and uses it as a primary source of entertainment. Every year, 21st November is observed as World Television Day i.e. today. This day is annually celebrated in many countries across the world. It is known that this day acknowledges television to be the medium of presenting major issues.

In 1996, United Nations established World Television Day. Since then, it has been observed every year on the 21st of November. This day is not a celebration for the machine but for the philosophy behind it which is communication. The first World Television Forum was held by the UN on 21st and 22nd November 1996. Here, the growing significance of television was discussed. This gave birth to the Television Day.

Image Source: DIgpu

This day came into existence to recognize the impact of television on decision making. Television became a major tool in informing and channelling public opinion. The impact of television on world politics was undeniable. It is also a major source of news reporting, educational programming, democratic programs, cultural awareness, etc.

On World Television Day, it is encouraged that the television is used at its full capacity. This day is an opportunity for public speakers to comment on the role of TV in modern mass media. It is also a gentle reminder to people of all the positive ways it can be used, despite its negative utilization.

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