January 23rd: National Handwriting Day in the United States

National Handwriting Day is celebrated with the motive of creating awareness regarding handwriting.

We all have wondered about ways to improve our handwriting at some point in our lives. During school days, it was a bonus if you had good handwriting. The children with good handwriting would also get extra marks in exams at times. Back then it was a dream for every child to have good handwriting. Handwritten communication has become very rare in the modern world. However, it is important that we don’t forget the old pen and paper method of writing. 

History and Background

In 1977, National Handwriting Day took birth when educators felt that the art of handwriting as a skill was getting lost. The Writing Instruments Manufacturers Association decided to do introduce this day. It is said that the art of handwriting was discovered in 3400 BC in Mesopotamia. Soon, this art spread to Egypt, Rome and the rest of Europe as well. Good Writing skills also became a royal status symbol as the royal families were the only ones who were taught to write appropriately.

January 23rd: National Handwriting Day in the United States - Trendy

In today’s digital world, the importance of handwriting has reduced as everything is recorded digitally. Studies have shown that writing things by hand has benefits that typing doesn’t give. Writing can reduce stress, improve focus, and aid with memory. 

Celebrations of National Handwriting Day

If you haven’t written for long or you write very rarely then today is the day to check your handwriting. If you really want to keep writing daily, then you can also start a journal. If any friend or family member is going to celebrate an occasion soon, then you can write a handwritten letter or make a greeting card for them. 

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