December 30th: National Bacon Day in the United States

National Bacon Day is a day to celebrate the love for bacon in the United States

Who does not love crispy fried bacon for breakfast? Well, if you too love it, then today is your day. Gather around the dining table, as today is the National Bacon Day. Bacon is one of the most popular breakfast foods in the United States. Some say that everything is better with bacon. 

Significance and History

In the United States and Canada, bacon is made from pork belly. Various things can be found that are flavoured or scented with bacon like soap, candles, popcorn, etc. Apart from these, the basic use of bacon is cooking. However, it is not anymore just a breakfast dish. People add bacon in salads or even add it to cocktails like Bloody Mary or Ceaser. In 1997, Bacon Day was founded by Danya Goodman and Meff Leonard. 

December 30th: National Bacon Day in the United States - Trendy Bash

Celebrations of National Bacon Day

This is a day to eat as much as bacon you want. Try some new bacon recipes at home with your family. Order bacon pizza and watch some movies and enjoy the day. There are various speciality dishes made out of bacon in different parts of the country that you can try. 

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