Miley Cyrus number of tattoos revealed on Jimmy Kimmel show

Miley Cyrus jaw-dropping moment after the late-night host Jimmy Kimmel revealed the number of tattoos on her body.

According to Fox News, the former Disney star known for her unabashed approach to style including her tattoos on Tuesday learned a little something about herself on the show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ and is startled after that.

When playing a game of Miley Cyrus-based trivia with a fan, Miley was asked how many tattoos she has on her body to which, the star replied, “I have no idea.” However, the fan also guessed it wrong as 27.

The late-night host Kammel then revealed that Miley Cyrus has a total number of 74 tattoos on her body. Causing her jaw to drop, Miley exclaimed, “Huh?”

Miley Cyrus number of tattoos revealed on Jimmy Kimmel show-Trendy Bash

The 28-year-old star said that she has a dreamcatcher tattooed on her side before giving the audience a brief glimpse, reported Fox News. During her visit to the show, the star also addressed another now-iconic look of hers.

“All of us have had to adjust to the pandemic, a lot of things shutting down, keeping up from doing our standard routines, which one of them was going to get a haircut for me,” Miley said.

When her bangs began to get on to her face, Miley turned to her mother and said, “Well, I can cut your hair but I only know how to do one hairstyle and I’ve been doing it since 1992 for your dad and for your brothers,'” Miley remembered.

“All my mom can do is a mullet, so I had one option and I needed it,” she added. Fox News reported that Miley Cyrus revealed that her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, was known for his mullet during the height of his country music career.

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