Shawn Mendes self-love from his documentary film ‘In Wonder’

Hollywood pop-star Shawn Mendes found self-love after watching his Netflix documentary ‘In Wonder’.

During an interview with People Magazine, Mendes opened up about knowing himself through this film in a way he had not known before. “I can’t imagine what it’s going be like for me to watch that back in 30 years, that’ll be breathtaking for me, but the interesting thing is, it’s not easy to catch your patterns in live time,” the 22-year-old star said.

Referring to a scene in the film, the star explained that he realized the excessive pressure he puts on himself. “In hindsight, I’m like, ‘Dude, you got to give yourself a break, you really put so much pressure on yourself.’ It was kind of beautiful because I was able to have this real love and respect for myself that I think I only got because of the film,” he said.

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People reported that Mendes explained the film captured his adulthood and showed him as a 20-year-old guy who also happened to be a famous musician.
“Regardless of the fame and all of the celebrity nonsense, it’s really precious being 20 years old. It’s a precious moment in anybody’s life,” Mendes said.
“Not that I’m all wise and mature now that I’m 22, but I think when you’re capturing somebody at 20 years old, if you do it justice, you can capture something that is the birth of an adult, and the birth of someone realizing who they are,” he added.

In the conversation with the magazine, he also spoke about featuring his sister Aaliyah in the film and said, “She’s definitely much more level-headed and cooler than me. I felt like she handled the camera better than I have and I do it for a living.”

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The ‘Senorita’ singer also described the conversations and interviews he did in the film as cathartic and helpful. He revealed that the cast used to settle in for a little therapy session every time during a conversation. “I felt like anytime the camera was there and Grant (director) was asking me questions, it was like my moment to be like, ‘All right, so what is going on right now. How do I feel?’ It felt like you were just filming as we were just figuring out what was going on in our lives and it was a cathartic and really nice experience for that reason.”

At the end of the interview with People Magazine, Shawn said he hopes to come together with the film’s director to do a follow-up in 10 or 15 years, “he’s down for it if there’s something worth documenting, which there better be.”

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