‘Loki’ producer to write ‘Star Wars’

‘Loki’ executive producer to write Kevin Feige’s ‘Star Wars’ movie

The writer and executive producer of Marvel’s ‘Loki’ series, Michael Waldron, has been roped in as the writer for Kevin Feige-produced upcoming Star Wars feature project.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project is seen as being on a tier onto itself because it is being produced by Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, a separate arm from Lucasfilm, which oversees all things Star Wars. The project was originated by Feige and is being produced by him and Lucasfilm and is headed by Kathleen Kennedy.

Source: Social Media

Feige’s Star Wars project has been stuck without a scriptwriter since 2019 and it was only in late 2020 that Waldron surfaced as a prospective writer.
The former ‘Rick and Morty’ writer had already worked with Feige on ‘Loki’ and on ‘Doctor Strange’ as per The Hollywood Reporter.

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