Law for protection of women in film industry on the anvil

Kerala government’s efforts to put an end to exploitation of women in film industry set to be law

In what could be considered a pioneering move, the Kerala government is all geared up to bring about a legislation aimed at ensuring complete protection of women in film industry. The legislation has come about as a need in the government’s efforts to put an end to exploitation of women in the film industry in the state.

According to Saji Cheriyan, Minister for Culture in the state, the proposed legislation for protection of women in film industry will be drawn up after going through the reports submitted by two panels constituted in this regard. These two commissions appointed to study in detail the problems faced by women in film industry of the state include the one headed by noted film maker Adoor Gopalakrishnan and the Justice Hema Commission.

Ensuring safety of women in cinema

The Minister for Culture stated that a comprehensive discussion on ensuring absolute safety of women in film industry would be held with various stakeholders in the scene, and their reports will be sought. Post-scrutiny of their reports on the topic, the government will take up the legislation for finalisation.

There have been various issues relating to safety of women who have been part of the film industry in Malayalam. The case of assault against an actress in the recent past is stilling boiling over, with many activists calling for an end to such incidents.

A group of active women, including film actors, film makers and professionals in the technical department of cinema, had some time ago given shape to a Women’s Collective in Cinema. This collective had been put together after the infamous case of the assault against the actress had filled public space. The Women’s Collective had been successful in bringing to the fore various issues faced by women in the Malayalam cinema arena.

Plight of hapless artistes taken note of

Besides this, the Culture ministry will also delve deep into other burning issues afflicting the Malayalam film industry and its members. Among them is taking into consideration the plight of the many film artistes who have been left with nothing but utter poverty and ill health.

The Minister for Culture noted that the Kerala government has taken note of the umpteen film artistes who have been struggling financially and physically, and in a bid to bring relief to their lives the state has taken up effective measures. These include the setting up of an exclusive centre for the wellbeing of film artistes who have been relegated to go through serious economic problems and ill-health.   

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