Jennifer Lopez ‘had a lot of moments’ where she felt ‘really bad’

Jennifer Lopez reveals she ‘had a lot of moments’ where she felt ‘really bad’ this year

The 51-year-old actor told DC radio station El Zol 107.9.,”I think everybody had a moment when they were depressed or they were scared about what was going to happen,”
“[I] had a lot of moments where I felt really bad,” she added.
The singer said her 12-year-old daughter, Emme, “came to my bed and was crying . . . ‘Why is this happening? I miss my friends. Why is this happening in our life?’ Everything that was going on – there were protests and a lot of things they were seeing,” Lopez said of the eventful summer weighing on her kids.
The ‘On The Floor’ songstress added that she recognizes “things need to change. And when things change, sometimes it hurts a bit. But it will always be for the good of everyone.” 

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