January 21st: International Sweatpants Day – Significance and History

International Sweatpants Day was introduced for people to embrace comfort wear inside and outside their homes.

With the lockdown in place, we all spent most of 2020 in sweatpants and pyjamas at home. Nothing else could be as comfortable as sweats. Sweat pants or tracksuit bottoms could be said one of the comfiest clothing creations till date. Day or night, we can wear those all day and feel nothing but sheer comfort. So, has anyone ever thought of celebrating this amazing creation? If yes, then you know what today is. Every year, 21st January is observed as International Sweatpants Day! 

History and Significance

In the 1920s, Emile Camuset introduced the first pair of sweatpants who is the founder of Le Coq Sportif. These pants were invented for athletes to run and stretch comfortably. Earlier these pants were simple grey knitted pants, however, companies like Nike have improved the variety. These sweatpants have become available in various attractive options as well. International Sweatpants Day was introduced to make people understand that wearing sweatpants need not necessarily be embarrassing. 

January 21st: International Sweatpants Day - Significance and History - Trendy


As the name is very clear, all you have to do is spend your day wearing sweatpants or something equally comfortable. This day also is a day to give yourself a break from the tight work apparel that we wear daily. You can also go sweatpants shopping if you feel you need new ones. No other day than International Sweatpants Day is a better excuse to go shopping and not feel guilty about it. 

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