December 18th: International Migrants Day

International Migrants Day has been celebrated for the past 20 years. The motive of this day is to make people understand Migrants.

Migrants contribute largely to World Development. With globalization, traveling has become easier and has made the world more connected. Migrants move to places in search of new opportunities and security to reinvent themselves. Some people also move to escape from the prejudice that prevails in their current location or many more reasons. Each person has their own reason for migrating and it is important that the host communities give the migrants a warm welcome.

History and Background

There are several difficulties and challenges that these migrants face. It is important that we reflect upon these challenges. Migration is never an easy decision, as it is difficult to leave home. In 1997, several Asian migrant organizations marked December 18th as the day to campaign for the rights and protection of Migrants. Finally, in 2000, December 18th was designated as International Migrants Day by the United Nations General Assembly. 

December 18th: International Migrants Day - Trendy Bash

How to Observe International Migrants Day

The best way to observe this day is by learning about migrants. The challenges faced by them and the reasons behind migration is a subject that everyone should know. It is important that we educate ourselves and others about migrants and refugees. One can also make donations to Humanitarian Organizations on this day if they wish to. 

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