December 12th: International Day of Neutrality

International Day of Neutrality promotes the idea of being neutral among countries

One of the recent and very less known days is International Day of Neutrality. This day took birth very recently in 2017. On 2nd February 2017, the United Nations General Assembly recognized the International Day of Neutrality. Since then, it is observed annually on 12th December. 

The day goes back to 1995 when the United Nations adopted the resolution 50/80. The resolution stated that it hoped for the status of permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan will contribute to peace and security in the region. Turkmenistan is recognized as completely neutral since 1995. 

December 12th: International Day of Neutrality - Trendy Bash

How to Observe International Day of Neutrality

Throughout the world, there are several events that are held to promote this day. Countries hold events in states and cities to promote neutrality and spread awareness. To participate in this day:

  • Educate or discuss with people the importance of peacekeeping, preventative diplomacy, and mediation to remain neutral
  • Think about the changes that would occur when a country is a neutral place. Living in a practical world would be a treat, wouldn’t it?
  • Learn about peace-making missions that the United Nations has been involved with since its inception in 1945. 

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