January 9th: International Choreographer’s Day – Significance

Every Dancer’s dream is to become a successful choreographer. So here’s to all the Existing and Upcoming Choreographers around the world. Happy International Choreographer’s Day!

Dance is one of the art forms that is loved and pursued by people all over the world. There are various forms of dance which are based on style, region, gender, age, or many more factors. Classic Ballet, Indian Bharatnatyam, Folk Dances, Salsa, Jazz, and many more dance forms are famous across the globe. To celebrate the dancers and choreographers behind all the beautiful dances January 9th is observed as International Choreographer’s Day.


The directors of Dance are also known as Choreographers. The choreographers are the main foundation of creating such beautiful dances. It is important to honour them for delivering such elegant performances to the common public. From creating steps for individual performance to the entire ensemble, choreographers bring magic to the stage. From local dancers to the most influential dance figures in the world are remembered on International Choreographer’s Day.

January 9th: International Choreographer’s Day - Significance and Celebration - Trendy Bash


The best way for a dancer to celebrate this day is to perform or learn a piece of their favourite choreographer. One can also promote the local dance studios or help spread a word about the budding dancers on this day. Making people aware of the new talents in your vicinity is one way of introducing the world to something new.

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