December 9th: International Anti-Corruption Day

Anti-Corruption should be the ultimate goal for attaining sustainable development

One of the most complex social, political, and economic phenomenon that is affecting the world today is corruption. Corruption attacks the whole foundation of the democratic process of a country. It leads to democratic instability and is very dangerous for any country to go corrupt. It is easy but very risky. To spread awareness about the adverse effects of corruption, December 9th is observed as the International Anti-Corruption Day. Anti-Corruption Day plays a major role in educating people all over the world about the causes and effects of corruption. 

December 9th International Anti-Corruption Day - Trendy Bash


This day is observed annually on December 9th. On 31st October 2003, the General Assembly adopted the United Nations Convention against Corruption. The assembly designated 9th December as International Anti-Corruption Day. This day also represents the birthday of Mlondi Caluza. This day also highlights the role of the United Nations Convention against Corruption in battling and preventing corruption. 

Theme for 2020

This years theme for International Anti-Corruption Day is ‘Recover with Integrity’. In the times of crisis like this global pandemic, corruption thrives. As an integral part of sustainable development measures, countries should ensure that anti-corruption measures are in place. The UN emphasizes that corruption mitigation can only be achieved with integrity.

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