Halsey reveals the start of the pandemic was tough for her

Halsey, who recently announced that she is expecting a baby with boyfriend and screenwriter Alev Aydin, revealed that she ‘spiralled’ at the start of the pandemic.

As per People magazine, the 26-year-old hitmaker opened up about how the start of the coronavirus pandemic was tough for her in a recent interview with Byrdie. Halsey shared that she was worried about not being able to hit the stage soon due to the ongoing health crisis.

Speaking about the phase, the singer said, “I completely spiralled. I went from waking up and someone texting me a schedule of everything I’m doing that day, every single day, to being home and being like, ‘Am I gonna rewatch Euphoria for the fifth time?'”

However, the pandemic was not all that tough. The star explained that she was happy to reconnect with her family and friends, but also revealed that she is ready to get back on the road.
The singer said, “This industry is not something that is promised to me. I don’t know when the next time that I’ll step on the stage is, to be completely honest with you. I hope it’s soon.

Halsey reveals the start of the pandemic was tough for her - Trendy Bash
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I have a tour that’s scheduled and I wake up every day hoping it doesn’t get cancelled. But I know it probably will.”
Halsey also shared, “It breaks my heart not knowing when I’ll get to do the thing that I love again. It makes me wonder, am I losing really important years? But also, if that is true and I ended up only getting to have a couple, I would take having a couple over having none any day.”
The singer also spoke about the judgment she thought she would have to face about wanting to start a family.

“Approaching that 30 benchmarks, it’s like, ‘Okay, what do I want to accomplish in my career? And [don’t I] want to start a family?'” Halsey said.
She further said, “People are going to be like, ‘She cares so much about her career, she’s going to die alone.’ Or if you decide to get married or start a family, people are like, ‘She really could have been something if she would have just focused on her career.'”

The singer, who recently launched her own makeup line called ‘About-Face’, also opened up about beauty standards and when she feels the most confident.
Halsey said, “I’m exhausted with this industry of Instagram filters. It’s gotta be damaging to your brain to constantly be looking at yourself through an altered lens and being disappointed with what your face actually looks like.”

Halsey reveals the start of the pandemic was tough for her - Trendy Bash
Social Media

She added, “I know what that feels like because when I first started getting publicity of some kind, I would go out and [paparazzi would] take pictures of me. I can’t control the angle. I can’t control the lighting. I can’t control if it’s my good side or my bad side. The pictures would come out and I would just have to look at them and go, ‘Okay. That’s what I look like.’ I don’t get to change it. I have to make peace with my face.”

Speaking about what makes her feel the most confidence, she said, “I have a pretty good idea of what my ‘prettiest’ look is, by social standards, but it doesn’t mean it’s what I want to look like,” Halsey explained. “I definitely don’t think that my most ‘Hollywood look is when I have a bald head, but it’s when I feel the most confident.”

The singer had recently revealed that she is pregnant. Halsey shared the good news in a series of pictures posted by her on Instagram. In the pictures, the 26-year-old singer could be seen cradling her baby bump.

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