December 22nd: Forefathers’ Day in the United States

Forefathers’ Day has a deep American Heritage and is mainly celebrated in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Forefathers’ Day is known for its deep American nature. For Americans, there are things that are more important than heritage. The American dream is for people to remember where they come from and how hard they worked to get here. It is a holiday that celebrates the arrival of pilgrims for the first time to America.

History And Significance

Each year, on 22nd December, Forefathers’ Day is celebrated in Plymouth, Massachusetts. In 1620, the Pilgrim Fathers landed in Plymouth on 21st December. This day is designated to commemorate the pilgrims who sailed the Mayflower across the Atlantic Ocean. These pilgrims had left England in search of better days and later settled in the United States.

December 22nd: Forefathers’ Day in the United States - Trendy Bash

This day has a long history and significance as it is a historic event that happened centuries ago. In 1769, for the first time, this day was celebrated after 149 years. This was because, at the time, some of the descendants decided to gather and have a feast in honour of their ancestors. 


Earlier, a Mayflower Society Dinner party was held which included eating succotash. Succotash means ‘broken corn kernels’. However, these days succotash has been turned into a healthy stew made from vegetables and poultry. This is in contrast to the sweet corn and beans baked version from earlier times. Make a nice succotash for yourself and get a taste of the hardships of the pilgrims to make America what it is today.

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