Farah Khan Twitter account gets hacked

Farah Khan alarms fans as her Twitter account gets hacked: ‘Please be vigilant’

Alarming fans to not to click or respond to any messages received by her Twitter account, filmmaker Farah Khan on Monday said that her account has been hacked on Sunday evening.

The ‘Tees Maar Khan’ director took to Instagram to share the news.

“My Twitter account has been hacked as of last evening. Please do not click or reply if you get any message from it as it may be used to hack into your account too..,” wrote Khan.

Source: Farah khan/Instagram

Stating that her Instagram account was also hacked, the ‘Happy New Year’ filmmaker noted, “This is true! My Instagram was also hacked n many dm s could have gone from it.. pls be vigilant.”

Khan stated that she has managed to restore the Instagram account and it was also hacked before.

“Iv managed to restore Instagram thanks to computer engineer @shirishkunder .. hoping to get Twitter reinstated too,” she wrote. 

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