Every experience changes the way you perceive life: Miley who turns 28 this month

Opening up about the hardships she faced of late, American singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus, who will turn 28 on November 23, recently reflected that every experience changes the way one perceives life and that she “heals through movement”.

According toĀ Fox News, theĀ Wrecking BallĀ songstress recently appeared on an edition of the Scandanavian talk show,Ā Skavlan, during which she said, “I think my feelings change really drastically all the time. Because every experience we have at every second change the way you perceive your life.” The songstress added that she finds there can be “a stigma of coldness for a woman who actually, really moves on” beyond traumatic events in her life.

TheĀ Black MirrorĀ actor recounted, “I’ve gone through a lot of trauma of loss in the last couple of years: I had a house fire in Malibu where I lost my house and went through a divorce. Recently I lost my grandma who I was super close with.”

Miley said she, however, doesn’t let the bad times get her too down.
“In a way, I didn’t spend too much time crying over it and it wasn’t because I was cold or trying to avoid feeling something but it was just because it wasn’t going to change it. I tried to just continue to be active in what I can control, otherwise you just start feeling like you’re trapped,” shared the star.
She added: “I heal through movement. I heal through traveling and meeting new people, as you lose one person, another person comes into your life.”
While talking to theĀ Fox News,Ā TheĀ Midnight SkyĀ singer also reflected on the state of affairs.

“I think that we’ve seen more divide recently than I have in my life just because we’re really understanding the division between race and wealth and that wealth and health can actually be the same thing, I think that’s unfathomably wrong. That’s why our election is so important,” stated Cyrus.

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