Eva Amurri dating chef Ian Hock

American actor Eva Amurri shared on her blog, ‘Happily Eva After,’ on Thursday that she is dating a chef named Ian Hock

American actor Eva Amurri shared on her blog, ‘Happily Eva After,’ on Thursday (local time) that she is dating a chef named Ian Hock, whom she met when she went out to dinner one night at his restaurant in Westport, Connecticut.

According to Page Six, Eva Amurri described her new boyfriend’s stature on her blog, writing, “He’s also 6’4” and makes me feel like a small little person which at 5’10” myself is NOT easy to do.” The single mom said the pair “ended up chatting” at his restaurant and had “an immediate connection and spark,” adding that after a series of message exchanges she found he “wasn’t intimidated by my circumstances at all.”

As per Page Six, last March, Eva Amurri finalised her divorce from former soccer player and sports broadcaster Kyle Martino after nine years of marriage. At the time, she was pregnant with their third child.

Eva Amurri dating chef Ian Hock

Susan Sarandon’s daughter admitted she was “REALLY self-conscious” when she first started “opening up romantically,” adding that it “took being with the right person who understood that and was patient with me to allow me to really move forward.”

“Going through a divorce was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I do feel that I came out of it with a really clear vision for my future, and a clear vision for my relationships in general- including with family, friends, and even in my coparenting relationship!” she wrote.

The 39-year-old star recently shared that he and Amurri are the “happiest” they have ever been because “we’ve found our way.”

“Our kids now see a genuine version of parents who love them, love each other & most importantly love themselves,” he said.

Meanwhile, Eva Amurri said in her blog that Hock is “celebratory” of her situation.

As per Page Six, she mentioned they have a lot of common interests, including being “foodies, love going to museums, both Bookworms, both speak French, he played Hockey competitively in High School and I grew up in a HUGE hockey household.”

On his LinkedIn profile, Hock shared that he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature from Colorado College. Most recently, he worked as the lead baker at Flour Water Salt Bread in Darien, Conn., and as a chef at Don Memo in Westport, Connecticut.

“By the time he took me to dinner for the first time, I felt SO close to him and so safe with him, and it was an old-fashioned courtship in a lot of ways,” Amurri said of the chef, later adding, “I’m very happy and so grateful. I feel very loved.”

As per Page Six, the actor also shared a photo Hock took of her on her Instagram, and captioned it, “I love how he sees me.” 

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