Elton John advice Shawn Mendes about stardom and fame

Elton John urges Shawn Mendes not to accept his own publicity

Washington [US]: Sharing some words of advice about stardom and fame, English singer-songwriter Elton John recently had a conversation with pop star Shawn Mendes.

According to People Magazine, while speaking with Mendes as he covers VMAN magazine, the 73-year-old pop-icon John told the ‘In My Blood’ singer to be cautious of fame and letting the idea of celebrity get to his head. Detailing that he believes people will “live in a bubble” once they become famous, John told the young pop star, “I’ve always tried to live out on stage, and I’ve never come back to my home and pretended to be Elton.”
“Even more so now that I have a family and two children. I’ve never believed the myth,” he continued.

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Noting that he believes it benefits him that he lives in England and not in America — where he says “people idolize stars” and “put them on huge pedestals” — John added that it isn’t a thing normal for individuals to do.
“I think it’s a dangerous situation,” he said. “I’ve seen it happen to so many people, where they become trapped by their own persona and start to believe they are invincible. We’re just human beings who play music and entertain people.”

As per People Magazine, Mendes, in turn, thanked John and shared that seeing him be able to keep going over the years inspires him to be able to do the same.

“You have to have the biggest heart to continue going and giving the amount of love that you have given,” he said.

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The star added, “There are a lot of moments where I feel, as an artist, that this is a lot; to be Shawn Mendes is hard. When I look at someone like you, who has kept going with so much love and humility, and has the time to get on the phone with me for an hour and do this among a million other things, I think [to myself], ‘It’s possible to do this.'”

The ‘Senorita’ crooner’s cover story appeared in ‘VMAN 45’. 

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