Digital gifts for the festive season are the way out

Amid the pandemic, the festival of Christmas is just around sending digital gifts will help in keeping the festive cheer alive

Amid the pandemic that shows no signs of slowing down, the festival of Christmas is just around the corner with people around the world engrossed in festivities. The 2020 Christmas 2020, however, could pose difficulties due to the pandemic. Sending digital gifts to your loved ones is the way to go, and knowing how to give a good virtual gift is a key life skill whether you live in separate states or are practising social distancing.

At a time when everyone is trying to stay home, grocery delivery or food delivery can alleviate the stress of outings. And if one is far apart from the loved ones, sending digital gifts will help in keeping the festive cheer alive. With festivals taking a digital turn amid the throes of the pandemic, here are a few gifting ideas that can help you spread the holiday season’s cheer to your loved ones:

Streaming service membership:
At a time when people were confined to the four walls of their homes, OTT platforms came to the rescue for people craving for entertainment. The streaming membership of any of the digital platforms including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Zee Five, or Voot, as per the liking of your near and dear one can cheer them up. This is one of the best digital gifts one can present, without having to physically buy it.

Food coupons:
For the foodie friends or relatives, who like to satisfy their tastebuds with tasty food, food coupons or the membership of any of their favourite food delivery outlet can also help one celebrate the festival. Buying a membership will facilitate some perks such as faster delivery, extra discounts. They can also dine out at any restaurant of their liking and celebrate as per their preference.

Shopping vouchers
What is better than letting your near and dear ones shop for their favourites? One can digital gifts vouchers from various clothing brands and let them shine bright in their best outfits on the festival.

Virtual gym membership
Fitness enthusiasts are missing not the happy hours at their favourite restaurants but the gym. One can gift the next best thing by paying for a virtual gym subscription. While a lot many platforms have taken things online, your loved ones can get on-demand workout classes from instructors across the country. The options range from yoga to HIIT and everything in between.

E-greeting card
Sending a card via email is a thoughtful path for expressing love, without having to physically appear before them, amid these harsh times. There are innumerable portals that offer attractive designs to scroll through, plus options to add your own type, photos, or a gift card. Cards can be sent to multiple recipients for free, but removing ads or scheduling a date requires a membership.

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