25th December: Christmas Day – Traditions and Celebrations

Christmas Day is a holiday that is very close to the heart of many people across the globe. The birth of Jesus Christ is Commemorated on this Day.

Christmas is one of the most awaited and loved holiday of the year in many countries. Various families have their own traditions related to Christmas. The celebrations also differ from country to country. There is no specif right or wrong way to celebrate Christmas. It is a holiday to spread love and happiness around. It is a special time for the kids as they get presents from family, friends and Santa Claus. 


25th December is celebrated as Christmas Day every year in countries like United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and so on. However, these days it is celebrated almost all over the world. This day is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, whom Christians believe as the Son of God. On the contrary, the fact is that the exact birth time and place of Jesus is unknown. 

Christmas is a public holiday in many countries and only a few countries do not recognize Christmas as a Holiday. Today, around the world, 25th December is known as Christmas in most parts. The traditions of Christmas have evolved with time and place. 

25th December: Christmas Day - Traditions and Celebrations - Trendy Bash

Christmas Traditions

  • Christmas Trees are fir trees, evergreens or other trees which are a major part of this holiday. These trees are decorated with ornaments, stars, candy canes, and many more hanging decorations. 
  • Plum Cake is a Christmas speciality that people make at home. It is a rich cake made with fruits and dry fruits. Some people include alcohol in it and some don’t.
  • Carolling is a tradition followed by many Christians. Some places people start carolling a few days before the actual Christmas day. A group of people go carolling from home-to-home to the homes of friends and family.

Celebrating Christmas

The celebrations may vary from family-to-family or country-to-country, however, the basic celebration remains the same. Families gather, have meals together, open presents under the tree, decorate the tree, etc. Some families like to cook together and eat together. Some people bake cookies, cakes, etc. on this day. Often people also use this vacation to travel and celebrate Christmas at different places each year.

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