December 21st: National Crossword Day – The Birth and Celebrations

If you are a Crossword lover, then today, National Crossword Day, is the day you need to thank the inventor of Crosswords.

Crosswords are loved and enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. It is an amazing way to keep the brain sharp and also to learn new words. It is a challenging word game cherished by people across all age groups. So, sharpen your brain and your pencils at the same time because today is National Crossword Day. 

History and Significance

On 21st December 1913, the first crossword was released in a ‘New York World’ newspaper edition. Since then, 21st December commemorates the birth of challenging crossword puzzles. Soon, crosswords became a pass time for the astute folk. These crossword puzzles were invented by Arthur Wynne. The first puzzles were for children in the form of word games. Apart from fun, the crosswords are very helpful in delaying the effects of dementia and sharpen the brain for problem-solving. Solving these puzzles increases the vocabulary of people.

December 21st: National Crossword Day - The Birth and Celebrations - Trendy Bash

Celebrating National Crossword Day

There are several ways you can celebrate this day. The most simple way is to find a crossword online or in the newspaper and start solving it. You can complete different types of crosswords, solve puzzles in a second language, challenge or compete with your friends, and many more ways. Take a hot cup of coffee, turn on some soothing music, and start solving crossword puzzles tonight. 

Let us know how you celebrated today in the comments section! Also read about: National Sangria Day.

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