January 22nd: Celebration of Life Day in the United States

Celebration of Life Day is to make you appreciate every day of your life and also celebrate the children in your life. 

Life is our journey from birth to death. It is essential that we have memories to cherish for a lifetime. Memories need to be both good and bad so that there is a balance in life. To celebrate life, every year the 22nd of January is observed as Celebration of Life Day. This day was initially instituted to celebrate the children in our lives. 

History and Significance

The practise of gratitude has philosophical roots connected to the Celebration of Life. The history of this day has been rocky. Both the Bush Presidents continued this holiday. However, there was a gap of eight years under President Bill Clinton. President Trump continued this legacy and some churches also were made to mark this day as a holy day in their calendars. 

January 22nd: Celebration of Life Day in the United States - Trendy

Celebration of life day is seen as an extra day for people to spend with their nieces, nephews, kids, etc. Today is a reminder that every human life is precious and we must cherish each person around us. It is a day to be grateful for our life and everybody with us through this journey. 


There are many ways to celebrate life. Everyone has their own way of celebrating. Some of the ways you can celebrate this day is by spending quality time with your family. You can also make a gratitude journal and write everything you are grateful for every day. This way you have a positive approach towards life. 

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