Britney Spears father claims her legal team to have ‘self-serving interests’

Jamie Spears her father responded on Tuesday (local time) by alleging that his daughter’s legal team is motivated by self-interest and will harm her.

According to E! News, Britney Spears lawyer Sam Ingham, in a hearing last month had claimed that the 39-years old singer is intimidated by her father and fears him; hence she refuses to perform as long as her estate is controlled by Jamie. Since Britney Spears public breakdown in 2008, Jamie had been her conservator, having to temporarily step down in 2019, owing to his own health complications.

Jamie had told CNN on Tuesday (local time) that he hasn’t talked to his daughter since she publically aired her concerns about him back in August, accusing his daughter’s attorney of creating an intentional divide between them. Jamie said, “I love my daughter and I miss her very much.”

“When a family member needs special care and protection, families need to step up, as I have done for the last 12-plus years, to safeguard, protect and continue to love Britney unconditionally.”

He further continued, “I have and will continue to provide unwavering love and fierce protection against those with self-serving interests and those who seek to harm her or my family.”

In August 2020, the ‘Toxic’ singer had stated that she strongly opposes that her father should oversee her financial records & career, and nominated the company ‘Bessemer Trust’ for the same. But during the November hearing of this case, the judge had ruled to continue Jamie as a co-conservator along with Bessemer Trust Company.

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