Armaan Malik recalls participating in singing reality TV show during his childhood

According to Armaan Malik, the reality TV show plays an important role in his successful career

Not many know that singer Armaan Malik had once participated as a contestant in one of the singing reality TV shows during his childhood.

Recalling that particular stint, Armaan Malik, on Wednesday, took to Instagram and shared a throwback video of him singing ‘Tere Naam’ song from Salman Khan-starrer ‘Tere Naam’ on the show. “I was going through some old videos and I stumbled upon this clip. I was 9 years old here, and I still very clearly remember the night that this performance took place. It was around 1 AM and I was extremely exhausted with the shooting schedules and rehearsals. My performance was one of the last ones of the night and I just didn’t have the energy in me to perform,” he wrote.

“I had even mentally prepared that I’m not gonna be able to sing well and I won’t make it to the top 10. Just so you all know, I had quite a high eye number here (and I didn’t like wearing my glasses in public), so I’m literally singing half sleepy and with blurred vision. This performance got me through to the Top 10, but I was eliminated from this show shortly after,” he added.

According to Armaan Malik, the reality TV show plays an important role in his successful career.

“Even though I didn’t succeed on the show, I will never forget what it did for me as a singer. I learned so much, it gave me the drive I needed in life, and post the elimination I worked 100 times harder to be the singer that I am today,” he said.

“Just remember that it’s the courage to continue and work hard despite failures that leads to eventual success. No success is overnight and even if it seems like that for other people they clearly don’t know the backstory,” he added.

#ArmaanMalik #SRGMPLIIChannps @ZeeTV,” he concluded.

The 25-year-old singer is best known for his songs such as ‘Bol Do Na Zara’ and ‘Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon’. 

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