Apple’s iPhone 13 may feature a bigger wireless charging coil

Apple has reportedly been toying with reverse wireless charging for a short time now

Apple‘s iPhone 13 launch is still a few months away, but as expected, there’s no shortage of speculations and rumours.

The latest social media chatter is about Apple planning to upgrade its MagSafe charging capabilities to make room for reverse wireless charging on its upcoming smartphone lineup.

A new rumour from Max Weinbach (via EverythingApplePro) claimed that Apple’s new iPhone 13 lineup will likely feature a bigger wireless charging coil, reported Mashable. This may increase the circumference from which the iPhone can charge wirelessly and also leave a variety of advantages like increased wattage.

Weinbach went on to speculate that this might be used to introduce reverse wireless charging to the iPhone, a feature that was expected to arrive last year itself with the iPhone 12.

This also implies that the iPhone would be capable of juicing up the battery of other wireless charging capable devices, like AirPods or the Apple Watch, by simply placing them onto the back of the next iPhone.

If you’re travelling light and don’t intend to carry a chunky power bank with you, this could be a near little feature to help you charge a secondary device.

According to Mashable, Apple has reportedly been toying with reverse wireless charging for a short time now. An FCC filing from Apple late last year uncovered that the iPhone 12 may have already got these wireless charging features hidden in its hardware – they only haven’t been activated.

However, to this date, there hasn’t been any information on when or if these features are going to be delivered to life within the iPhone 12, so it’s possible Apple is saving it for the 13.

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