Akshay Kumar, Nupur Sanon’s ‘Filhaal 2’ ended on a heartbreaking note

B Praak has sung both ‘Filhall’ and ‘Filhaal 2- Mohabbat

Akshay Kumar and Nupur Sanon-starrer ‘Filhaal 2- Mohabbat’ is finally out, and it has left fans heartbroken as the actors’ love story doesn’t have a happy ending in the music video.

On Tuesday, Akshay took to Instagram and shared the link to the song. “‘Filhall’, my first music video started out as something new and fun to do…but ‘Filhaal 2- Mohabbat’ is a result of your immense love. Now all yours,” he captioned the post.

The latest track is a sequel to ‘Filhall’, which was released in 2019. B Praak has sung both ‘Filhall’ and ‘Filhaal 2- Mohabbat’. Punjabi actor and singer Ammy Virk also marked his presence in the second part.

Speaking more about the music video of ‘Filhaal 2’, it showcases the pain one goes through after a breakup. In the video, we can see Dr Kabir Malhotra (Akshay Kumar) getting teary-eyed at the marriage of his love Meher Grewal (essayed by Nupur) with Ammy Virk.

Even after Meher’s (Nupur) marriage, Kabir (Akshay) did not lose hope and tried to get in touch with Meher (Nupur). However, the love triangle ended when Kabir (Akshay) died in an accident, leaving fans heavy-hearted.
“We wanted Akshay and Nupur to be together. This ending has left me heartbroken,” a user commented.
“Love this song. It has made me cry,” another one wrote.

Before the release of the song, Nupur even visited a gurdwara to seek God’s blessings.

“Seeking blessings for the entire team of ‘Filhaal 2- Mohabbat,” she posted on Instagram Story.
She even expressed her gratitude towards Akshay.

“Learnt so much about you sir. About acting and so much beyong acting …Life. Only and only respect for the person you are. Thank you for being my mentor,” Nupur said.

Arvindr Khaira has directed the music video of ‘Filhaal 2’. 

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