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February 2nd: World Play Your Ukulele Day – Significance and History

World Play Your Ukulele Day is not just for those who play it but also for those who don’t. It is just a day to appreciate the cute instrument.

Most of us love guitars and the way they sound, but have you heard the sound of a ukulele? Well, it is an example of even a small instrument like the uke can create soothing music. In the late 19th Century, ukulele or uke, a four-stringed instrument was popularized in Hawaii for the very first time. This instrument was a version of the machete, another 4-stringed instrument native to the Madeira region of Portugal. To celebrate this cute instrument, every year on the 2nd of February, the World Play Your Ukulele Day is observed. 

History and Background

It is said that this day originated in 2011, however, there are some theories contradicting this fact as well. It is believed that the Portuguese introduced the Ukulele to the Hawaiians. In the 20th century, the mainland United States was presented with this instrument. They soon turned it into a primary instrument in Jazz music in the 1920s. 

February 2nd: World Play Your Ukulele Day - Significance and History - Trendy

Mike Lynch, also known as ‘Ukulele Mike’ established World Play Your Ukulele Day. It is said that he was a school teacher who used to take online classes to teach the ukulele. He passed away on 2nd January 2018, however, he still remains a memory on the World Play Your Ukulele Day. 

Celebrating this day

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Around the world, this day is celebrated with the slogan, “Bring the World Together, Four Strings at a Time”. Ukulele players arrange concerts and music shows on this day to celebrate their beloved instruments. For those who don’t know how to play it, today is the day to start learning if you wish to, or you can just attend one of the Ukulele concerts near you. 

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