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January 29th: National Fun at Work Day in the United States

National Fun at Work Day is celebrated on the last Friday of January. It is a day to do something fun out of the work routine.

The two words ‘work’ and ‘fun’ are difficult to find together. Although, there are a set of people who are against this philosophy and believe that work can be fun. So, whichever group of people you belong to, you can surely have fun at work today. The question arises that when is it possible to have fun at work. Well, today is National Fun at Work Day in the United States, so you can officially enjoy your day today.

History and Background

Every year on the last Friday of January, Fun at Work Day is celebrated across the United States. This year it falls on the 29th of January. This day was created to keep the morale and inspiration of the employees up. Whether it is a small or large organization, the people strive to inject a pinch of fun in their daily work. 

National Fun at Work Day is a break for everyone from the monotonous workday schedule. The main motive of this day is to keep the employees happy. It is well known and even studies show that happy employees are the most productive ones. They also take lesser sick leaves and are loyal to the organization as well. 

January 29th: National Fun at Work Day in the United States - Trendy

Some employers feel that they give their employees the required freedom to function well. It is not the case though, the employees do feel stressed by getting into the daily job routine. It is vital that they get timely breaks to keep up the spirit and remain motivated. This day aims at boosting morale and promoting a healthy work-life balance.

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Celebrations at Work

There are many ways to have fun with your fellow colleagues on this day. You can institute a fun dress code for the day. Team building activities can be held or games can be conducted for everyone. A couple of refreshments won’t kill the mood either. Let us know how you celebrate with your colleagues today in the comments section!

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