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‘Proud son-in-law’ moment for Akshay Kumar, as Dimple Kapadia receives a note for Film ‘Tenet’

Akshay Tweets about Filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s note for Mother-in-law Dimple Kapadia

On Saturday, Superstar Akshay Kumar had a “proud son-in-law” moment as ace filmmaker Christopher Nolan penned down a heartfelt note for his mother-in-law and veteran actor Dimple Kapadia.

The ‘Inception’ filmmaker had written the note on the eve of the release of his sci-fi film ‘Tenet,’ which also stars Kapadia. “Dimple, What can I say? working with you has been a delight! Watching you being Priya to life all around the world has been fantastic. Thank you for your great skill and hardwork and for lending your talent to ‘Tenet,’ Best Wishes,” Nolan wrote in the hand-written greeting for the veteran Bollywood star.

Sharing a picture of the handwritten note along with a picture of Nolan and Kapadia on his Instagram account, Akshay Kumar expressed his excitement and spilled it in the caption of his post.

“Here’s my proud son-in-law moment! #ChristopherNolan pens a heartfelt note to #DimpleKapadia on the eve of their release,” the 53-year-old actor wrote.

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“Had I been in her place, I wouldn’t have been able to move in awe but having watched her on-screen working her magic in #Tenet, I couldn’t be more happy and proud of Ma,” he added.

Nolan had sent out a recorded video message for Indian fans on Thursday, ahead of the release of ‘Tenet,’ in Indian film theatres. On Friday, the action-packed Film, Tenet, released in India, which had released earlier in other countries.

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