Gerard Butler to return for fourth series of ‘Olympus Has Fallen

Entertainer Gerard Butler is good to go to return for the fourth portion of the ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ action franchise titled ‘Night Has Fallen.’

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the fourth series will be helmed by Ric Roman Waugh which Millennium Media is presenting at American Film Market, being held practically this year. The first ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ was delivered in 2013 after which ‘London Has Fallen’ came in 2016 and ‘Holy messenger Has Fallen,’ delivered in 2019.

The new flick reunites Waugh and screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen. The two had before cooperated for ‘Heavenly attendant Has Fallen.’

Gerard Butler re-enlists in upcoming movie series

The most recent portion is being created by G-BASE’s Alan Siegel and Butler, Eclectic Picture’s Heidi Jo Markel, Les Weldon, and Millennium Media’s Jeffrey Greenstein, Jonathan Yunger, and Yariv Lerner, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The action flick revolves around the story of Secret Service agent Mike Banning who though finds himself outgunned and outmanned but always prevails heroically.

Following Night Has Fallen, two more movies will follow. In addition to the movies, television spin-offs are being considered. Because of the film series’ popularity in other territories, he also announced plans for various television series to debut in foreign countries, with each show’s local mother tongues to be the spoken languages.

Siegel stated that the intent for TV show installments, would be to expand the franchise and add additional characters to appear in future films. In November 2020, producer Greenstein confirmed development for a television series is on-going.

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