Diwali decorative item merchants hoping for good profits

Decorative item sellers in Odisha hopes for good business after COVID-19

Bhubaneswar (Odisha) [India]: Amidst the pandemic, Bhubaneswar’s Diwali market is now picking up as people shop for festival essentials. Though there is a ban on firecrackers in the state, the government has given permission for decorative item sellers to reopen their shops.

The nationwide lockdown due to Covid-19 has affected the economy, especially small traders. With the announcement of unlocking of markets, the state government has set some guidelines to be strictly followed by both sellers and buyers.

Image Source: Digpu

Since shops have reopened, the sellers are hoping for good sales this year, which would prove to be beneficial for their business.

“Not as good as the last 5 years but business is getting better gradually.”

The shops’ glitter and sparkle all day and more so at night. By looking at the shops, one cannot resist oneself from stopping at a stall and buying the alluring products.

“Customer response has been good. It’s Diwali. We hope sales will come back on track,” seller Sujit added. 

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