Disha Patani shares her excitement on dubbing as ‘Starlight’ for ‘The Boys’

Disha Patani, who has consistently been vocal about her interest for superheroes, has dubbed for international TV arrangement ‘The Boys’.

The Hindi version of the international series was released recently. Disha has lent her voice for the character of ‘Starlight’; one of the prime members from The Seven.

As per sources, “Disha has always had a fascination for superheroes. She would love to play a character like Wonder Woman in future. When this opportunity for dubbing came her way, she was extremely happy. Disha dubbed in the span of 10 – 15 days for ‘Starlight’ amidst this lockdown.”

Imparting her fervor on her relationship to the task, Disha stated, “Naming for the character has been such a great encounter and I trust the crowd can appreciate ‘The Boys’ alongside my character and her excursion similarly I did.”

In 2020, Patani was among several Bollywood actors who were criticised for posting Instagram messages showing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, despite their previous work advertising skin-lightening products which perpetuate colorism.

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