International Day of Diplomats to be celebrated on Oct 24, globally

The celebration aims to bridge the gap in perception and reality of diplomat’s life among the general public.

A number of diplomats around the world are celebrating October 24 as International Diplomats Day to highlight the contributions made by diplomats in shaping the world since ancient times and in making our planet a better place.

Celebration of International Day of Diplomats was started in Brasilia on October 24, 2017 by Indian poet-diplomat Abhay K. and since then diplomats of several countries have participated in celebrating it annually.

This year diplomats are going to post a short video or text of what does it mean to be a diplomat, serving in different geographies, navigating diverse cultures, languages among others, a high point in their careers as diplomats while people are going to post their impressions of interacting with a diplomat or their perceptions of a diplomat, what do they do, how do they help in safeguarding their interests, a poem on diplomats, etc.

They will be using hashtags #InternationalDiplomatsDay and #ServingPeopleGlobally while posting their messages. Abhay K. said, “Diplomats play a key role in maintaining a peaceful world order by means of effective communication among the States, initiating agreements and treaties, implementing them and advising political leaders on critical foreign policy matters.”

“They are at the heart of bringing and keeping the world together. In fact, war ensues when diplomacy fails, bringing death and destruction upon societies and civilisations. A country that has skilled diplomats does not have to go to war,” the diplomat added.

Various representatives around the globe are observing October 24 as International Diplomats Day to feature the commitments made by ambassadors in forming the world since antiquated occasions and in making our planet a superior spot.

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