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‘The Others’ Nicole Kidman’s haunted house film to get a remake

Nicole Kidman’s haunted house film – ‘The Others’, is good to get a change following 19 years of its delivery.

According to Variety, the Chilean Helmer Alejandro Amenabar directorial is set in a remote country hose on the British island of Jersey. The film revolves around the character of Kidman, Grace Stewart who as the film unfolds discovers the unknown ‘others’ living in the house.

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The original movie released during the year 2001 became a surprise summer hit by grossing more than $200 million at the worldwide box office. Like “The Sixth Sense”, the film is known for startling crowds throughout the late spring as well as conveying one of the record-breaking extraordinary curve endings.

Though its unknown how much this film will take from the original storyline. Insider say execs are meeting with writers to adapt the script to make this movie more remarkable than it was.

This haunted house film was a super hit netting over USD 200 million with a financial plan of just USD 17 million!

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